The HSP traffic light Grand Prix

“A day in the life of a HSP family” “Overarousal is the greatest problem for HSPs”  (Elaine Aron ‘The Highly Sensitive Person in Love’ 2000) 04:13 Dad wakes and then dozes lightly. 06:20 dad gets up to use the bathroom, shower and start the day proper. If we use a traffic light system, he’s already inContinue reading “The HSP traffic light Grand Prix”

World Mental Health Day

Today 10th Oct 2019 is World Mental Health Day and this year’s theme is suicide prevention. It is one calendar month on from World Suicide Prevention Day. Statistics show that worldwide almost 800,000 people take their life each year; this is more than the combined total populations of both Iceland and Malta. Or put anotherContinue reading “World Mental Health Day”

Touchy Smelly Feely Noisy Tasty

  British designer Tom Dixon has filled his King’s Cross hub with the flavours, the fragrances, the sounds, the colours and textures of the future.   Billed as : Presenting the flavours, the fragrances, the sounds, the colours & textures of the future, this event at Tom Dixon London (Coal Office, 1 Bagley Walk, Kings Cross, N1CContinue reading “Touchy Smelly Feely Noisy Tasty”

Sensitivity Summit – Free & Online

The free online Sensitivity Summit starts Monday 16th Sep 19 and is aimed at highly sensitive adults and parents of highly sensitive children. It is also for those who are curious and about their personality, who may or may not be highly sensitive. Original research by Dr. Elaine Aron suggested that the overall population ofContinue reading “Sensitivity Summit – Free & Online”


Perhaps being “annoyed” by a throbbing skin tag is more likely for HSPs. There was little likelihood of cancer; yet the thing grew at an alarming rate over a short period. It felt like it was a huge lighthouse complete with revolving light and possibly a communications aerial for good measure. Left unchecked it wouldContinue reading “Tagged”

Terminal 3

I wrote this two weeks before schools break up in the UK. There’s no one on strike and no long delays. Yet there are few free seats in most areas except one restaurant. There are more people in this departure lounge than the airport can really handle. I The noise level is loud. And constant.Continue reading “Terminal 3”

Guest Blog: Health Unlocked

Recently I was asked to write for the popular health portal Health Unlocked. I hope the article inspires you to explore high sensitivity in more depth if you see some aspects of the trait in you. If this is a new discovery for you, I offer counselling and mentoring to highly sensitive adults, and parentsContinue reading “Guest Blog: Health Unlocked”

Guest Blog: Brighter Spaces

I work out of Brighter Spaces, in Islington London N1, and they asked me to write an article on high sensitivity and here I offer an overview to readers on the trait. Please see my website for further reading and other links. I offer counselling and mentoring to highly sensitive adults, and parents of highly sensitive children, both face-to-faceContinue reading “Guest Blog: Brighter Spaces”

Meet the Therapist:

Here I am being “interviewed” by a portal I use to interface with clients. As well as general counselling, I offer counselling and mentoring to highly sensitive adults, and parents of highly sensitive children, both face-to-face and online. See some of my testimonials.   MEET THE THERAPIST What attracted you to become a therapist? I worked with some counsellorsContinue reading “Meet the Therapist:”