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I am an integrative therapist using a Humanistic approach and first became interested in counselling in the late 1990’s when working for a forerunner of the NHS 111 service. I studied from 2006-09 at the Wealden Institute in Crowborough, East Sussex, and volunteered at the Bohemia Counselling Centre in St. Leonards-on-Sea. More recently I studied at the Iron Mill College, Exeter, Devon from 2013-15; I was a volunteer for Counselling for Carers (Action East Devon) from 2014-17. In addition, I helped out at Age UK’s 24 hour emergency response centre.

More recently I have developed my interest in high sensitivity and have continued to further my knowledge in this subject. In June 2018, I went to an international gathering attended by people from all over the world, which included a live talk by Dr. Elaine Aron via Zoom on the latest research. Following attending a course at the NCHS in Hampshire, I’ve been a HSP mentor since Oct 18.

Outside of counselling, I enjoy being a dad, cycling, yoga, time in nature and by the sea.

About you
I offer general counselling to individuals, and have a particular interest in Highly Sensitive Persons and parents of Highly Sensitive Children. I’m also knowledgeable in High Sensation Seeking and the particular demands it can bring.

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