Perhaps being “annoyed” by a throbbing skin tag is more likely for HSPs.

There was little likelihood of cancer; yet the thing grew at an alarming rate over a short period. It felt like it was a huge lighthouse complete with revolving light and possibly a communications aerial for good measure. Left unchecked it would look like I had two heads before the end of the year, necessitating the need to change the gender on my passport to “Alien”.

Stop! Maybe this was a tad overthinking…

The day came for removal.
The doctor suggested the injection would be the worst bit.
This was a non-HSP assumption.
I barely felt the injection or indeed the incision.
But the smell of the skin cauterising was obnoxious if short lived.
Short and sweet I thought.
But the numbing injection continued to numb my upper right body and shoulder for the next eight hours. The following morning I’d forgotten all about the minor surgery.

DOES – Depth of Processing, Overarousability, Emotional Intensity, and Sensory Sensitivity (Aron, 2010).

Well I certainly processed it deeply, before, during and after.

Overaroused – I was definitely piqued by the experience if only for a very short time.

It was emotionally intense from the initial realisation I needed to do something about it right through to the numbness being slow to wear off.

And the sensory sensitivity showed more in the dislike of burning skin than the injection; the amount of time it took for the anaesthetic to wear off also affected me.

A reminder for HSP to be cautious with medication – you made feel pain more and need more drugs; you may also process the drug more efficiently and therefore need less, or be affected by the medication longer afterwards. Discuss with your physician/pharmacist if best to start on a low dosage and increase if required.

Medical Alert Tag

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