Perhaps being “annoyed” by a throbbing skin tag is more likely for HSPs. There was little likelihood of cancer; yet the thing grew at an alarming rate over a short period. It felt like it was a huge lighthouse complete with revolving light and possibly a communications aerial for good measure. Left unchecked it wouldContinue reading “Tagged”

Terminal 3

I wrote this two weeks before schools break up in the UK. There’s no one on strike and no long delays. Yet there are few free seats in most areas except one restaurant. There are more people in this departure lounge than the airport can really handle. I The noise level is loud. And constant.Continue reading “Terminal 3”

34th International HSP Meet – Dorset UK

This is an article I wrote after attending the International HSP meeting in June 2018, the last one to be held outside the USA. If you are highly sensitive, I highly recommend meeting other HSPs; there are several monthly groups on meetup. I offer counselling and mentoring to highly sensitive adults, and parents of highly sensitive children, both face-to-faceContinue reading “34th International HSP Meet – Dorset UK”