Terminal 3

Photo 1 D_J

I wrote this two weeks before schools break up in the UK.

There’s no one on strike and no long delays.

Yet there are few free seats in most areas except one restaurant.

There are more people in this departure lounge than the airport can really handle.


The noise level is loud. And constant. There are some kids who perhaps should be at school, whose parents may prefer to pay a fine than inflated high summer prices.

Then there’s the loud music pumping out of the nearest café, only interspersed with constant announcements for this flight or that.

And I’m still thinking about the “assault course” I just made through security to get here.

Think I’m tired, so the constant attack on my senses is definitely overwhelming.

Airports are not for HSPs.
They are a full-on experience for all your senses, and of course your wallet.

I overthink. There’s the potential hassle at the gate. Part of me wonders why I have to pay more for my bag than for me to go on the plane. The potential to be overwhelmed and overreact if “caught” with an oversize bag is huge. Then I wonder how the airline makes a business case for me to fly for 90 minutes.

I could just about take the train to my euro destination, yet the cost and time makes flying easier. But at what cost? And for how long will we be doing this?

I “survived” the airport and now it’s time for the flight itself.

This was almost an hour and a half of constant announcements, with even the safety advice by the cabin crew being interrupted by the captain for an ETA and weather report. There are constant adverts over the speaker during the flight and adverts staring at me plastered on the back of the seat in front; these are static stickers, but I’m sure they are working on LCD screens that can link to my mobile and target me better……

Don’t think low-cost flying is for HSPs either.

Time to practice some meditation so am more relaxed on arrival.

My love for nature and concern for the environment plus the anti-HSP experience may mean my flying days have come to an end.



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