Sensitivity Summit – Free & Online


The free online Sensitivity Summit starts Monday 16th Sep 19 and is aimed at highly sensitive adults and parents of highly sensitive children. It is also for those who are curious and about their personality, who may or may not be highly sensitive.

Original research by Dr. Elaine Aron suggested that the overall population of the world was roughly 20% highly sensitive; more recent findings hint at this being 25%, and maybe a little higher.

The key aspects of High Sensitivity, present in a Highly Sensitive Person are: Depth of Processing, Overarousability, Emotional Intensity, Sensory Sensitivity.

About 30% of HSPs are also High Sensation Seekers – these are the four key aspects that would resonate with you even if you are not “high” in all four: thrill and adventure seeking; experience and novelty seeking, disinhibition (outside societal norms), boredom susceptibility.

There are 30 speakers, with six stating their interest and expertise in parenting highly sensitive children; at least two speakers will cover High Sensation Seeking; one therapist works primarily with couples and relationship issues; there are several sensitivity coaches, counsellors, and psychotherapists.

Visit the summit website for more information, speaker bio’s, and to register:


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