Touchy Smelly Feely Noisy Tasty



British designer Tom Dixon has filled his King’s Cross hub with the flavours, the fragrances, the sounds, the colours and textures of the future.


Billed as : Presenting the flavours, the fragrances, the sounds, the colours & textures of the future, this event at Tom Dixon London (Coal Office, 1 Bagley Walk, Kings Cross, N1C 4PQ) runs until Sunday 22nd Sept 19.

Have you ever considered yourself sensitive or experiencing difficulties or challenging moments when your brain perceives overwhelming situations that can ‘attack’ your senses?

Have a go with this test and you might discover some nuances about yourself:

The High Sensitivity trait is also know as a Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) is a personality trait involving “an increased sensitivity of the central nervous system and a deeper cognitive processing of physical, social and emotional stimuli” – Sofie Boterberg & Petra Warreyn on their research at the Ghent University (2016).

For those identifying as highly sensitive, this assault on the senses at the Coal Office could be an interesting “experiment” for your sensitivity to the faculties of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

The entire Coal Office – from the studio, shop, factory and trade counters to the bar and restaurant – has become a multi-sensory lab with interactive installations, workshops and talks inspired by the five senses and how they shape the future of design.

Tom says: ‘As designers, we look at everything. We determine the shape, the colours and the aesthetics of a space before anything else. But here in the Coal Office we wanted to explore the role that all our other – often lesser recognised senses – contribute to our experiences of design; the smell and the taste of a place, the textures and tone of a space, the sound of an interior or the weight of an object – or even the most intangible of all – the sixth sense. Hence why we have called this season TouchySmellyFeelyNoisyTasty, because after all, we are multisensory animals.’ 

 Based on my experience, your own environment is key; keep in mind the DOES – Depth of Processing, Overarousability, Emotional Intensity, and Sensory Sensitivity.

In particular, Overarousability and Sensory Sensitivity can be spiked by touch, smell, feel, noise, and taste, and so minimising your exposure as an HSP, according to your needs, may make a dramatic improvement in your well-being.

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