Lockdown Blues

Here in England, as of Tuesday 5th 2021, we are under another full lockdown, the third since March 2020 and nominally called Tier 5.

There is some clarity now in that – the rules are the same for all; checking on the practicalities is worthwhile, doom scrolling  – continuously checking for the latest negative article – is not.

You have probably read by now many articles on how to survive the lockdown, focusing on your self care, rediscovering that you are a human being rather than a human doing, though I would argue these are important at all times, especially if you are HSP.  

This time there’s the cold weather and less daylight to add into the mix.

Exercising is good for you at any time; in lockdown it gives you a valid excuse to be outside in nature, rather than on a cycle trainer in your garage, or doing Zoom pilates in your lounge. You don’t have to do full forest bathing, Shinrin-Yoku (森林浴), taking in the local phytoncides; a walk in your local park with your dog should do it.

Staying connected, as ever, is important, yet more difficult with social distancing, but not impossible.

Having a daily routine including taking breaks and preparing for sleep, plus monitoring your diet along with caffeine and alcohol intake are important.

And I’ve not even mentioned ‘homeschooling’ your kids…….

Or having time for yourself, perhaps in a “crowded” home space.

In this blog I wish to focus on what works for me: humour and music; so here I’ve tried to create a bit of both, albeit the humour is of the more dark variety.

This is a purely personal compilation, nothing more.

I hope the tracks give you something new to search for on Spotify or iTunes.

Stay well.

Lockdown “Blues” playlist

Can’t stop this thing we started – Bryan Adams

It’s the end of the world as we know it – REM (too obvious, I know)

Don’t let it break your heart – Coldplay

Brace yourself – Howie Day

Don’t panic – Coldplay

Os idioter – Ulige Numre

Lost in the supermarket – The Clash

Can’t get this stuff no more – Van Halen

I predict a riot – Kaiser Chiefs

School’s out – Alice Cooper

Teach your Children – Crosby, Stills & Nash

No more party’s – Little Steven

Don’t dream it’s over – Crowded House

Libertà (freedom) – Arielle Dombasle

No Freedom – Dido

Uprising – Muse

The sound of silence – Simon & Garfunkel

Another one bites the dust – Queen

Time out from the world – Goldfrapp

One of those days in England – Roy Harper

Mind Games – Haevn

Sitting, waiting, wishing – Jack Johnson

Endeløst (endless) – Rasmus Walter

Purple Haze – Jimmy Hendrix

The way I feel – Keane

Money changes everything – Cindi Lauper

Jeg Har Ikke Lyst Til At Dø (I don’t want to die) – De eneste to

Signs of Life – Pink Floyd

Vivo morto (alive dead) – Ligabue

I’m a believer – The Monkees

Don’t give up – Peter Gabriel

Something better change – The Stranglers

Hjerterstarter (defibrillator) – Nephew

Working’ them angels – Rush

I wanna live – The Ramones

No surrender – SLF

Alright – Jain

Antidote – The Hives

Love will keep us alive – The Scorpions

Moving to Bohemia – Geddy Lee

Until the end of the world – U2

Living in another world – Talk Talk

When I reached the moon – Morten Harket

Jupiter calling – Leningrad Cowboys

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