Some comments from previous clients I have worked with:

“I saw David at a difficult and stressful time in our lives. David was able to offer a calm and non-judgemental service, providing me with a reflective space to think about not only my caring role, but also other areas of my life. This support allowed me time to consider the impact my own stress levels were inevitably having on the person I care for, which in turn helped us work together towards a more balanced and life affirming day to day experience. I cannot thank him enough”.
Female 40’s

” I came to see David in 2016 due to on going stress, depression and anxiety, mainly due to juggling family life, work and caring for a special needs child and a mentally ill Mum. After talking with David it became clear that my health condition was linked to a several experiences in my childhood that I thought hadn’t bothered me. I felt able to talk through these experiences with David and together he helped me deal with the emotions and feelings I was having. Thanks to David, I feel the happiest I have ever felt, I don’t let the past bother me any more as I’ve learnt that it only makes you suffer. I am much more confident, I no longer take anti-depressants and have finally got a plan of what I want to do in the future and am working well towards this. There’s no way I would have got here if I hadn’t been referred to David and for that I am eternally grateful.
Female 30’s

I can’t thank you enough for listening to me with such thoughtful attention and great snippets of wisdom.  You have helped me cope much better with my very difficult caring role and enabled me to think about my future in a more positive light.
Female 50’s

When I first attended the sessions I felt overwhelmed by my emotions, David helped to guide me through, so I could put my feet back on the ground and start to work with what was going on for me. Talking to David was taking time for myself to look at my jumbled, negative thought processes enabling me to think more clearly and I am very grateful for that.
Female 40’s