In addition to counselling, I offer mentoring to highly sensitive adults and parents of highly sensitive children.

As a highly sensitive man and dad to a highly sensitive son, I wish to pass on some of what I’ve learned, if of benefit to others.

The overall aim is to improve your performance, promote your growth, and may involve my sharing information, occasionally teaching, and using counselling skills; a mix of nurture and encouragement.

I started mentoring a while back when some parents with young children needed to be supported on their journey with Highly Sensitive Children. And I am now fortunate to work with HSPs and parents of HSCs around the world offering online mentoring sessions over Skype (or similar) on a weekly basis to discuss how to support you.

Are you a parent of a Highly Sensitive Child?

Are you feeling overwhelmed at all the tasks you have to do and all the things you have to juggle as parent of a HSC?

Are you thinking of deepening your knowledge of the trait to understand better your child and create a harmonic parenting environment?

Are you interested in helping your child to thrive and you to deal better with challenging times?

I can help you to develop emotional strength and knowledge in order to face the richness and complexity of parenting a HS child.

You can book a series of sessions with me; I will be your mentor using my counselling skills and expertise in high sensitivity to create a weekly structure to support your journey.

Mentoring sessions for parents of highly sensitive children focus on: 

  • Rhythm
  • Food and energy
  • Bedtime & sleep routine
  • Nursery & schooling, emotional and social skills
  • Playdates and managing overwhelming situations, discipline
  • Environment and self confidence
  • Toys/Books/craft/child’s environment
  • TV & digital media exposure
  • Creating the right environment for a calm life

Mentoring for Highly Sensitive Persons

Mentoring sessions for HSPs focus on:

  • Strengthening your acceptance of being highly sensitive
  • Exploring HSP strengths and challenges
  • Promoting an increase in your emotional regulation when overaroused or receiving negative feedback or outright criticism
  • Educating in HSP self-care and lifestyle choices, as required
  • Checking and working on self compassion, as necessary
  • Working on low self-esteem, as required
  • Looking at boundary setting and saying “no”

Mentoring groups for schools

I am available to run small mentoring groups for teachers and educational staff for schools and organisations. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.
The mentoring packages can also be offered in person. Call me to discuss location and availability. I currently work in London and in Gloucestershire.

If you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact me on :

Tel:            07421 046591 +44 7421 04 65 91

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